Have you ever noticed that you feel differently after hearing some music? This is because music affects your body in several areas, not just on the emotional level. It is scientifically proven that music can affect your whole being. Your brains are composed of two parts; the left and right brain. Research has shown that both hemispheres have different functions. The left side of the brains is oriented on time, analysis, ratio and logic. This seeks reasons and explanations. The right hemisphere is oriented in space, emotions and intuition.


Music can enhance your well-being.


Well-chosen music can therefore be used also to improve your wellbeing. It is not about the continuous playback of music, but metered and with an appropriate number of beats per minute. Rhythm, melody and volume play a major role in influencing emotions. You can use music to relax but also to boost example in the case of depression. Music can support training and can help people who are much alone.

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